Solar, not just for roofs anymore.

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Grount Mount Solar in Bakersfield CA

We hear it everyday. “I would love to have solar for my home (or business) but my roof is too shaded.” In most cases we can work with the customer by coming up with some creative solar solutions, including the following:

Solar Carports – Solar Carports come in a variety of configurations. For home use, they could be used to cover a single vehicle or in a commercial situation, they could be use to cover entire parking lots, all the way up to 100’.

Durable solar carports with an integrated aluminum racking system are made to last…with low or no maintenance for 25 years or longer.


Solar Ground Mounted Structures – These solar structures are great if a site owner has adjacent land can be used to capture energy from the sun. We can manage and install Commercial, Institutional and Utility Scale ground mount projects across California. We provide engineered stamped structural design drawings and construction services, from start to finish.

Residential Ground Mount Solar Bakersfield CA

Residential Ground Mount Solar Bakersfield CA

Solar Pavillions and Patios – Like their Solar Carport cousins, these solar structures cover areas which can be used for common use, visitors, employees, outdoor or event locations. Each is designed to suit the unique site needs.

Horse Coral Solar Install

Horse Coral Solar Install

Many times deciding to go solar is easy. Some questions are: How much the project will cost, when is the payback, how much energy will be produced, how will solar affect my utility bill, how will it get financed and will the solar company stand by their solar equipment and work? We will be happy answer any of these questions to guide you the process. We’ve been helping home owners and businesses since 2009.

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