Solar Battery Storage and Net Metering Explained

By October 17, 2017Solar News

Powering your home or business from solar power is easy in California and other states with net metering laws. Batteries before net metering were necessary and common. Now as net metering changes start to take effect, the use of and sometimes the need of batteries is increasing. Rebates for solar batteries, new battery technology and changing net metering makes for a growing market in energy storage.

Net metering laws started in California in 1998 when the state required utilities to allow for a dollar for dollar credit for excess power sent to the power grid. The meters became capable of ‘spinning backwards’ with solar panels over producing. The utility essentially operates as a battery for excess power at a far lower cost and with little effort versus energy storage.
Many changes are happening that may incentivize solar power adopters to consider solar battery storage. The major change driving the market are changes to net metering credits and time of use rates. Instead of a dollar for dollar credit when the meter spins backwards, the utility will pass on a ‘non-bypassable charge’ so that solar power users pay a share of the utility grid maintenance cost. Time of use rates are when a home or facility pays more for power during certain peak times during the day and less at night.
Battery storage plays a role in mitigating the non-bypassable charges and providing power during the peak hours when solar power may or may not be providing all of the energy use. This is power rate arbitrage. Though the cost of these charges can be minor, it is enough to consider energy storage and batteries for solar power.
Incentives for batteries are still available in the state of California. As well, battery storage systems as part of a solar energy system qualify for the solar federal investment tax credit. For those looking to install solar batteries, the time has never been better. Some people are looking for the convenience of powering the home during outages or ensuring life saving devices run when the grid is down.
Whatever your interest is in battery technology and it’s use in solar power systems, Energy Independence Group can help consult you with your options and the best solar and battery storage system designs. Contact us today to find out how you can integrate solar energy storage at an affordable price while taking advantage of incentives while they still exist. Visit to request a free consultation or call 661-868-9000 today.

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