Solar Financing Availability

Save thousands on your electric bill by switching to solar. Solar energy is an investment that yields years of return. Let us point you in the right direction for the greatest return.

What is the best solar finance choice for your family or business?

Our team at Energy Independence Group is not restricted on options and are eager to find the right funding choice for our clients. We make the process easy and painless so that your solar savings can begin right away.

Zero Money Down Financing

Much better than a lease & you’ll own your system which will drastically increase your home’s value

The Incentives Are All Yours

Instead of giving your incentives away to some leasing company you’ll get to keep them.

The 30% Tax Credit Is Yours

The tax credit is worth thousands. Don’t let some leasing take it away from you.

Reduce Your Tax Liability

Interest payments may be tax deductable, making for an even better return on investment.

No Equity, No Problem

You can qualify for financing even if your home has no equity.

It’s Yours To Keep

Unlike a lease where you’re just renting a solar system, the system will be your property

Easier Qualifying

With a lease you’ll need a minimum 700 credit score. Not so with a solar loan.

It’s In The Bank

You’ll have the money in the bank before you purchase your solar system.