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It's not about us, it's about you.

It’s not about us, it’s all about you.

The Energy Independence Group is a solar power consulting and installation contractor in Bakersfield, Kern County, CA, servicing all of California region. Energy Independence Group was founded by a group of central California solar energy experts with the mission to spread energy independence through solar power. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team about your energy independence goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add battery backup to my solar electricity system?

Yes.  Battery backup systems need to be carefully designed to integrate with your system and handle your electricity load in the event of a cutover.  They are not easy to engineer or install and should not be attempted by inexperienced contractors.  Please call us today if you’d like to consider a battery backup.

How does having a PV system affect my utility billing?

You enter into what is known as a “Net Metering” contract with your utility. The utility continues to read your meter monthly. However, instead of sending you a monthly bill, they send you a statement showing your credits and debits. Your bill is settled annually on your anniversary date.

How much space does the system use?

A 400kWh/month system uses less than 300 sq ft.

How long does it take to install?

It depends on the size of your system. Typically 3 to 5 days.

Meet The Team

Neil Meeks

Neil Meeks

Founder / Co-Owner

Neil Meeks grew up in Bakersfield where his family moved to in 1978 to start Coors Recycling with Ray Trucel. Neil has a work ethic that began at a young age in the recycling business with his father Steve. He attended Quailwood Elementary, Fruitvale Jr. High, Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield College and finally studied business at Cal State University, Bakersfield. He started his professional career at Wells Fargo Bank where he advanced into the mortgage industry and later took an offer to work for Alliance Title as a title representative. Passionate about business and doing good for Bakersfield, Neil decided to enter the solar power industry as an energy consultant. Years ahead of the current solar boom, With encouragement from friends and family, Neil Meeks teamed up with several other local energy experts to found Energy Independence Group in 2011. Neil is married and is the proud father of two beautiful children.

Les Mood

Les Mood

Founder / Co-Owner

Les Mood is the co-founder of Energy Independence Group, a solar power contracting firm that helps home owners and organizational leaders achieve practical energy independence. Les moved from central Texas to attend California State University, Bakersfield where he majored in business and finance. Business and finance would be critical to a career in the energy industry. Early in his career, based upon the recommendations of CSUB professors, he worked for Mid State Development and the Department of Commerce on renewable energy market research. Seeing an opportunity to enter the solar industry at the beginning stages, he took a solar design consultant position with Akeena Solar and later with Pure Energy Solar. Les is married and the proud father of two children.

“I received a solar quote from a different company a few years ago that came in at $32K. With EIG Solar, I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.”

Jimmy S

"We have been looking into solar for years now. But we just haven't been able to afford it. EIG Solar gave us the opportunity we have been looking for."

Mark J.

"EIG Solar is certainly an organization that I take pride in, because they have done well, and have delivered on all of their promises.”

Kelly Z.